Home DNA Test - Convenient, Accurate Results

Privacy and confidentiality is often a major concern when the issue of DNA testing is raised. To say it is a sensitive topic is a minor understatement. The ramifications of the results are far reaching, so most people prefer to keep the information as secure as possible by using a home DNA test. DNA testing is very accurate because of breakthroughs in genetics. Each child, man and woman has unique chromosome sequences. With our DNA test, a swab of the child and father are taken and sent in.

The DNA is then analyzed to see if the child's DNA contains the chromosome sequences seen in the father's sequence. If so, they are related. If not, they are not. With our home DNA test, you can get accurate results to determine the DNA of the person in question without needing to share the information with others. This is important since everything from life and health insurance to government benefits can depend on the results of the test.