mtDNA Testing

mtDNA Testing is also popularly known as Mitochondrial DNA testing. The main aim of Mitochondrial DNA testing is discovering origins along maternal Lines. Most individuals looking to find out about their past undergo Mitochondrial testing because it uncovers deep ancestral origins from direct maternal lines i.e. from your mother, your grandmother e.t.c. as well as connecting genetic cousins.

mtDNA testing offers genetic matches, maternal haplogroups, maternal ancestral origins, haplogroups migration maps, test results certificates and haplogroups frequency maps. It is important to note that Mitochondria DNA testing involves levels. The level of testing chosen determines the number of sections that can be examined. For instance, comparing more DNA sections helps to identify close relatives therefore refining an individual's maternal Haplogroups.

Before you decide to join any surname project for DNA testing, you must first of all search for matching surname projects i.e. those with your last name. This is important because individuals are entitled to lower prices when ordering test kits as a surname project member.
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